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Weight Loss Products

You’re probably thinking a web page on weight loss products is going to describe some pill or powder made from the bark of the coconut tree that just burns fat right off leaving you with a lean, toned figure and six pack abs.

Sorry to disappoint, but there are no such weight loss products you can take to make your body lose fat. You lose fat and weight by EATING LESS THAN YOU BURN. And to do that, you must MEASURE what you eat.

Nearly every nutrition label and every item in every nutrition database (think MyFitnessPal) tells you the nutrition (and calorie) content of food based on WEIGHT and/or VOLUME. That means you need to measure the weight or volume of everything you eat/drink. This is especially true at the beginning of your weight loss plan.

Therefore, THESE are the absolute, non-negotiable, 100% guaranteed weight loss products you must have:


That’s right, you must have measuring cups, measuring spoons, and a food scale. You can get them almost anywhere for very little money.

I paid less than $30 for that digital scale at Target, and that’s on the high end of food scales. And the remaining “weight loss products” would never total up to more than $15.

USE these weight loss products

Whenever you eat at home use these tools.

When you make a sandwich, use the measuring spoon to measure any condiments (think “MAYO”) you add. If you make a salad, use the measuring spoons or cups to measure dressing, cheeses. When you eat cereal, use the scale.

Note: Many things, like cereal, are labeled as “Serving Size: 3/4 Cup (28g)”. In such cases it’s a good idea to WEIGH the portion rather than just use the measuring cup. Put the empty cup on the scale, press the “Tare” button. That zeroes the scale with the cup on it. Then fill the cup with cereal. The same kind of thing is true with things like crackers. For instance, Triscuit crackers (Reduced Fat) lists “Serving Size: 6 crackers (28g)”. Until you have verified that 6 crackers really do consistently weigh 28g, better to weigh them each time.



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