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Weight Loss Topics

There are a handful of random weight loss topics that don’t really fit very well under any other category, so they’re here. Here we will examine hot topics on weight loss that come up often.

Alcohol and Weight Loss

A very popular item in the list of weight loss topics is that of whether or not alcohol consumption is compatible with any weight loss plan.

If you do any web searching at all on this subject you will definitely see that the nearly unanimous “expert” opinion out there on the subject is that you cannot lose weight if you drink alcohol, or at least alcohol works strongly against your weight loss and health goals.

At Alcohol and Weight Loss I’ll jump all the way into that subject, possibly with an angle on it that may surprise you a little.

Intermittent Fasting

The last of the weight loss topics I’ll cover in this section is that of “Intermittent Fasting”. That’s essentially the strategy of confining all of your daily caloric intake to a narrower range of time than usual, usually 6 hours or less is recommended.

So you might skip breakfast, have lunch at noon, dinner at six, and nothing else until lunch the next day. Or, have breakfast at 8am, lunch at noon, and nothing till breakfast the next day.

Sounds simple enough, but this is actually very controversial because flies directly in the face of a LOT of “modern”, “expert” opinion.

Well, join me at Intermittent Fasting for a more complete discussion on that hot potato.

Eating Out and Weight Loss

No discussion of weight loss topics would be complete without addressing the question of restaurant food. Normally eating out is nearly completely incompatible with weight loss and calorie control. That’s because it is nearly impossible to reliably and accurately gauge the ingredients and calories of restaurant meals, AND, most restaurant meals have LOT more calories than you would ever estimate.

But, at Eat Out and Lose Weight I’ll offer a few reasonable suggestions on about how to get around this problem so that you can enjoy the social atmosphere of eating out without blowing your calorie budget.

Weight Loss Products

I have some bad news for you. There are no “weight loss products”. Well, there are, but they aren’t what you would expect.

What you expect is some magic pill, or an “all natural weight loss shake mix”, or some vitamin or herbal supplement, or some crap like that, right?

Every snake oil selling weasel out there is selling things like this.

But there are a few things to buy that can really help in any weight loss strategy. Actually, they’re not just helpful, they’re downright essential. Read more about those things at Weight Loss Products.

Weight Loss Abroad

Why are there so many overweight people in America and so few overweight people in most other countries? And why do American often lose weight when they travel abroad for extended periods of time?

We explore these interesting questions at Weight Loss Abroad.

Burn Fat Without Muscle Loss

We should clarify that our primary interest in losing weight is losing EXCESS STORED FAT, not just weight. Fat and muscle are the two components over which we have any real control. You aren’t going to lose weight in your bone tissue, kidneys, or brain tissue, right?

Fat is the tissue you want to lose. Losing fat will make you healthier, fitter, feel better, and look better.

But when you run the calorie deficit required to lose weight, the body downsizes both fat and muscle.

But is there a way to burn fat without muscle loss? I believe there is. See Burn Fat Without Muscle Loss for more on that.

Random Weight Loss Tips

The final item in our strategies for weight loss are some fairly random weight loss tips. There are dozens of little things one can do that can make managing the calories easier, and at Weight Loss Tips we’ll discuss some of those.



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