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Here in weight loss reviews we will review books, articles, products, and services on the subject of weight loss, health, and fitness.

Body By Science

In Body By Science the authors expound upon relatively game-changing notions of health, fitness, exercise, and weight loss. No “sacred cow” is safe. They address one misconception after another, complete with footnotes to published scientific studies to back up their claims, and usually offer in place of the misconceptions well-reasoned, revolutionary concepts on health and fitness.

At the heart of the approach advocated in the book is resistance training (weights) performed very slowly, with lighter weights, fewer sets, fewer reps, and less frequently than most weight programs call for.

It might initially seem like lighter weights, fewer sets, fewer reps, etc. wouldn’t really IMPROVE fitness and strength. But the authors offer some pretty convincing reasoning backed by many references to research.

Unfortunately there are a few parts of the book that don’t quite measure up.

Mostly I think of its vicious, horribly reasoned attack on running as an activity that actually causes all sorts of health problems and EVEN DEATH. Much of that just doesn’t stand up to common sense scrutiny.

In addition to that is the fact that some parts of the book just get WAY too technical for nearly all readers.

However, the positive contributions of this book far outweigh its shortcomings, so don’t let these negatives turn you away. Just skim over the bad parts and slow back down when you get back into the good material.

Click here to read my full review of Body by Science.

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