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Lemon Water for Weight Loss

Do a quick web search for “lemon water for weight loss”. You will find page after page describing in all the beneficial effects of lemon water, include weight loss.

It is true that lemon has vitamin C, enzymes, fiber, and a few other things that contribute to good health. But when you carefully read all the lists of supposed benefits of “lemon water”, they run remarkably parallel to the benefits of “water”.

lemon water

That includes weight loss. Drinking lemon water for weight loss is pretty much the same as just drinking more water for weight loss.

It would be hard to overstate the health benefits of staying well hydrated. So if putting some lemon wedges in your water makes you drink more water, then by all means do it.

But is lemon water for weight loss effective?

Outside of the increased hydration there really is nothing in lemon that causes your body burn significantly more calories or inhibit the body from storing fat, at least not to any degree that will make ANY difference in your weight loss mission.

And as with nearly all attempts to get around restricting your caloric intake, if you THINK that lemon water somehow burns fat or prevents fat storage, that false belief may encourage you to be less careful with the calories and consequently GAIN WEIGHT.

Lemon water IS effective at one thing

Lemon water for weight loss is not effective, but it IS effective in promoting something else: Dental problems.

That’s right, the acidity in lemons is horrible for your teeth. It causes the erosion of the enamel and all dental problems related to that.

Just do a quick web search for “lemon water tooth decay” if you really need to be scared straight on this matter.

Get most of the supposed benefits of lemon water without the dental bills. Just drink water!



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