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Cinnamon and Weight Loss


In case you aren’t keeping up, cinnamon and weight loss is one of the hottest new trends out there. If you read any natural health websites, magazines, or newspaper articles, you may hear that cinnamon MAY contribute to one’s health by controlling insulin, lowering blood sugar, increasing metabolism, lowering “bad” cholesterol, burning fat, suppressing appetite, PREVENTING CANCER, indigestion, bloating, flatulence, and possibly inhibit or prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Oh, and it supposedly helps with weight loss too… Of course, what doesn’t?

At least most cinnamon and weight loss advocates are realistic

Seemingly the authors of articles about cinnamon and weight loss are a little more reasonable than the perpetrators of other weight loss myths by usually actually admitting that it is not a magic substance and that weight loss requires a balanced diet, and that the real scientific research on cinnamon and weight loss isn’t quite conclusive. Quite an admission.

The upsides to cinnamon

Cinnamon does in fact have a LONG resume dating back thousands of years, and there is actually research that supports some of those “supposed” benefits listed above.

But all in all, it TASTES GOOD (at least many people think so), goes with many things, it has less than half the same amount of white granulated sugar, and it’s “all natural”.

So if you like it, and you aren’t counting on that to cause your weight loss, and you’re keeping your calorie “checkbook” balanced, then knock yourself out.

Oh, there’s one more thing. Every article I read about the health benefits of cinnamon say that there are two very different types of cinnamon, Ceylon cinnamon and Cassia cinnamon. Cassia cinnamon is more common and cheaper, but is the lower quality with less health benefit. Ceylon cinnamon is the opposite… higher quality, less available, more expensive, but much better for the health benefits.



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