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It’s natural that you would want to know a little about me and what qualifies me to tell anyone how to lose weight. Fair enough!

In a nutshell I am a fat person who refuses to be fat! It’s a choice. When I’m not careful, I gain weight. If I just didn’t care I could easily be 5-11 275 lbs (and not primarily muscle).

I reach and maintain a healthy weight DELIBERATELY, not naturally. This all started when I was around 8 years old!

Little League Football

My interest in controlling my weight really started out of “career necessity”, at least in kid terms. From around age 8 through age 12 I played little league football. Here’s me in a team photo around 10 years old:

Little League Football

The league divided kids into 2-year age ranges. So there was a 5-6 year old league, a 7-8 year old league, etc. And each league had WEIGHT LIMITS. Before each game every player had to be weighed. And although I was never “fat” as a kid, I ALWAYS struggled to come in at a legal weight for little league football games.

We had a calorie book laying around the house (i.e. a book where you look up the calories in any food), so I used it and started COUNTING CALORIES in my effort to stay under the weight limit.

That experience alone probably contributed as much to my knowledge of diet and weight control as anything I learned since. The real eye-opener, even then, was how light I really had to eat to lose or maintain weight.


Crescent City Classic

Me in my running prime!

In high school I started running cross country and distance events in track. Of course there are no OFFICIAL weight limits for high school distance runners, but there are practical weight limits.

Here’s how that works: If you are 5 feet 11 inches tall (as I have been since high school) and weigh more than 150-160 lbs., you probably won’t be fast enough to compete in any varsity events, let alone make a respectable showing at district, regional, or state level competition.

Since I was not a naturally skinny person, I had to stay under that practical weight limit by DIETING, just like I did for little league football. And it worked. I turned out to be a successful competitive distance runner in high school (and beyond by some measure).

After high school and college I continued running, less and less competitively, but always mindful of my weight and health.


It seems like around 2000 I started constantly hearing people say that losing or maintaining weight was far more related to CARBS than it was to simple calorie count. People who said this kind of thing were largely informed by “The Zone”, but their advice is definitely not an accurate extension of the book.

I was kind of happy to hear that it was more about the carbs than the calories. I was a little tired of always having to be so careful. And in a YEAR I went from 160 to 190+ and had to buy all new clothes!

As it turns out the calories DO MATTER!

I got back down to under 180, but since then I have had cycles.

For me it’s always the clothes. I can stay off the scale if I don’t want to be accountable, but I always have to get dressed. And when buttons pop off my pants (which has happened), it’s time to either lose weight or buy bigger pants.

I REFUSE to go up in size ever again, so I always opt for losing weight! And in the end there’s only ONE THING that works every time it’s tried: EAT LESS!

Read, Read, Read….

I’ve always been a passionate student of whatever subjects interested me, so starting in high school I read as many books and articles as I could find on the subject of health, fitness, and weight loss.

I read every article on nutrition in every issue of Runner’s World Magazine for many years, and many books like “Eat to Win”, “Optimum Sports Nutrition”, and many others whose names I cannot even remember. And of course more recently I’ve read “The Zone”, and online I’ve read the basic concepts of the Atkins Diet, the Paleo Diet, and the Keto Diet, just to name a few.

So, I guess I could say that while I don’t have a long list of letters like “Ph.D.” or “M.D.” behind my name, I have read everything and tried everything!

I took all that, combined it with all my own observations, and came up with this site.

I hope it can help YOU reach your health and weight control goals!



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